Proctor girls overwhelmingly win first two games of season, 11-0 and 7-0


In the season opener for the Proctor girls’ soccer team, the Phantoms took it to the Poultney Blue Devils. Two Phantom girls recorded hat tricks as Proctor won the game 11-0.

Sophomore Maggie McKearin and senior Maddie Flanders both scored three goals. Dez Traverse tallied two goals and Jenna Davine, Lacey French and Janaya Richardson scored one goal each. French had three assists.

The next day the Phantom girls got their second win of the season as they defeated Mount St. Joseph, 7-0, in the Jimmy T. Memorial tourney. McKearin was the leader for the Phantoms with a hat trick and three assists.

Maddie French had two goals and an assist. Proctor also earned goals from Dez Traverse and Angel Traverse.

They did not escape the match unscathed, however, as Lacey French suffered a broken arm.

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