Pig Race Returns to Blueberry Hill Inn and Outdoor Center


START OF THE kids race at Blueberry Hill Inn’s annual Pig Race, with a few adult chaperones. Notice Charlotte and Wilbur on Fernanda Canales in the foreground. Photos by George Fjeld.

ADULTS SPRINTING ACROSS the road to don their skis.

GOSHEN—After more than a decade, the Pig Race, a spring fun race and gathering to mark the end of the ski season, returned to Goshen’s Blueberry Hill Inn and Outdoor Center last Saturday. About 100 racers and onlookers gathered outside for a fun ski-and-run race in the beautiful mountains around the Inn. There was some snow and mud, so the conditions were challenging, to say the least. The children’s race started the festivities with 9 kids sprinting around the field to collect eggs and conquer obstacles. Judging by the excited faces and long gasping breaths, it was a very challenging course. 

FRED “THE PIG guy” testing the pig for doneness.

Britta Clark gave general directions and the adult race followed.  More than 50 human competitors and no pigs sprinted across the road carrying skis which they donned on the snow behind the Inn. Around the pond and up the hill they went. All the racing was completed in about 2 hours. Some finished much earlier, but we heard some corners were cut! After navigating the water bars and detours, racers returned to the Inn for a pig-and-pizza party. Fred the Pig Guy roasted a local Shoreham pig (starting at 5 am!) and Shari Brown prepped and Oliver Clark cooked wood-fired pizzas in the outdoor oven. Red Clover Ale Company beer was available for post-race refreshment. 

The Pig Race was an annual event at Blueberry Hill from 1972 until 2010. Now it’s back and will be held again next year “Rain or Shine, Snow or No Snow,” according to Brown. The Inn and Outdoor Center will also host a gathering for the eclipse event this April featuring wood-fired pizza and clear views of the sky.

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