Our Creative Kids: Olivia Gibbs

A pencil drawing by Olivia Gibbs

This week we begin a new feature: artwork by students around our district.  We asked the art teachers at our elementary, middle, and high schools to submit student works that display creativity and talent. We hope the students will enjoy sharing their work as much as we will enjoy seeing it!  If your children are homeschooled but would like to participate, please email news@brandonreporter.com for more information.

First up, a charming forest scene drawn in pencil by Olivia Gibbs of Brandon.  Olivia is in the 7th grade at Otter Valley Union Middle School.  Here’s what her art teacher, Dasha Kalisz, had to say about Olivia’s drawing:

“Olivia created a scene about the Vermont forests to be entered in the Vermont Wildlife Art Contest.  Olivia did a wonderful job showing perspective as the trees become smaller as they recede to the background.  Olivia captures some aspects that all Vermonters can relate to, like catching an owl in a tree, startling a deer in the woods, and the old-fashioned buckets indicating maple season.”

Great job, Olivia!  Good luck in the contest!

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