Legislative Report: Biennium officially begins


Butch Shaw

PITTSFORD—From the “Journal of the House” of Wednesday January 4, 2023: “Pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution and Laws of the State of Vermont, the member-elect of the House of Representatives convened in the State House in Montpelier on the first Wednesday after the first Monday, being the fourth day of January, two thousand and twenty three.”  

Therefore, “at 10 o’clock in the forenoon the Honorable Chris Winters, Deputy Secretary of State, called the House to order for the seventy-seventh biennial session”

These two simple paragraphs signal the “official” start of the biennium for the Vermont House of Representatives. Having served in the legislature for the past thirteen years, this new session represents a “new beginning’ for me as I have been elected to represent a new legislative district consisting of the towns of Pittsford and Proctor. I’m looking forward to representing my new district.  However, I will miss representing the folks of Brandon and Sudbury and please be assured that if you have any questions or need answers to any questions, I’ll still be available to help you in any way I can. I’m sure Representative Jerome in Brandon and Representative Andriano in Sudbury will represent their communities well.

The first two weeks of a new biennium consist of pomp, circumstance, ceremony, and housekeeping in the Hall of Representatives. The members of the house are sworn in and elect a Speaker of the House and a House Clerk. Representative Jill Krowinski has been re-elected Speaker and has assigned members to their respective committees. I have been reassigned to the House Committee on Transportation, where I will serve as Vice Chair. I take the appointment to committee leadership seriously and appreciate the Speaker’s trust in me, especially as a member of the minority party. I have also proudly been re-elected as Chair of the influential tri-partisan Rutland County Legislative Delegation.

An important note and unusual happening is the record number of 51 new members to the House. The “freshmen” promise to bring new thoughts and ideas to the body and I’m looking forward to working with them as they gain legislative experience. It is also interesting to note that now two-thirds of the House of Representatives have less than four years of service. I’m sure the next session will be an interesting journey for all as we navigate the legislative process together. 

Constituent services are the most important part of being a State Representative and I can be reached any time by email at bshaw@leg.state.vt.us, by phone at 802-483-2398, or by mail at PO Box 197, Pittsford, VT 05763. I am always available to have a conversation with you concerning our Legislative District and your Vermont State Government.

Butch Shaw represents Pittsford-Proctor and is the Vice Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and the Chair of Rutland County Legislative Delegation.

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