Police deal with vandalism and assault at OVUHS

BRANDON — It was an eventful week for Brandon Police. The week began with student issues at Otter Valley Union High School, where OVUHS officials called police on the morning of Sept. 12 for assistance with an out-of-control student who was vandalizing property outside the building. The school called back before an officer was dispatched and said that the child was now in control and that no police response was necessary. 

Later in the day, a 12-year-old student at Otter Valley came to the police station to report that they had been assaulted in the bathroom at the Otter Valley Union High/Middle School a few hours prior and that several students were videotaping and cheering on the assault as it occurred. As a result of an investigation into the matter, a 13-year-old female juvenile, whose name has not been released due to her age, was issued a juvenile citation to appear in the Rutland County Superior Court-Family Division in December (2022) for arraignment on the delinquent act of aggravated assault (with a weapon).

The following day, police received a late report of an untimely death at a residence on Town Farm Road, where an elderly woman had taken a fall two weeks prior. At the time, she was transported to Rutland Regional Medical Center and subsequently succumbed to her injuries. Police determined that the cause of death resulted from medical complications from an injury sustained in the fall. 

Just before noon on Sept. 13, Police responded to Grove Street and Steinberg Road intersection for a report of a car collision between a car and a deer. The deer had jumped onto the windshield of the car, shattering it. The vehicle also had minor body damage. The driver sustained minor scratches from the broken glass and refused medical treatment. The deer was killed instantly as a result of the collision. Vermont Fish & Game was contacted about removing the deer.

A Franklin Street complained about numerous cars illegally parked later that afternoon. Police determined that the cars were parked for a funeral and, as a courtesy, let them remain there until the funeral was over. 

Sept. 14 brought a vandalism complaint from a resident on Spellman Way. The complainant reported that a neighbor vandalized her vehicle the night before by throwing cheese slices on it while walking around intoxicated. The investigating officer spoke with both parties. The suspect, who denied involvement, was advised to cease and desist from any further childish behavior in the future and to stay away from the complainant.

Police also got a call about a dog left in a vehicle on Park Street. The windows of the vehicle were open, and the dog did not appear to be in distress. Police informed the vehicle owner of the dangers of leaving a dog unattended in a hot car.

In the evening, police aided Brandon Area Rescue with a woman having a diabetic emergency at a residence on Carver Street. Middlebury Rescue subsequently transported the woman to the hospital for treatment.

The following morning police were dispatched to the area of Grove Street near Brandon Community Health Center for a report of a cow wandering in traffic, but the animal was not located.

In the afternoon, police were called to OVUHS to check on a male slumped over the steering wheel of a blue Nissan SUV in the parking lot. It was believed he might have been intoxicated, but the responding officer found this not the case. The person in question had only been parked in the school’s parking lot to nap during his break from flagging on Route 7 for the ongoing paving project.

Shortly after, police were called to the gravel pits off Blackberry Lane for a report of a male who had accidentally shot himself in the knee with a 9mm pistol. Upon arrival at the scene, the responding officer applied a tourniquet to the victim’s leg to stop the bleeding. Brandon Area Rescue and the Brandon Fire Department arrived a short time later and took over medical treatment. The victim, who was conscious and alert, was stabilized by EMS personnel and then transported to the Rutland Regional Medical Center for further treatment.

In the early hours of Sept. 16, police seized weapons as part of a temporary relief from abuse order at a residence on Franklin Street and logged them into the evidence room at Brandon Police Department.

In the afternoon, officers responded to an accident on 763 Franklin Street for a female who tipped over her scooter and was on the ground with an injury. Officers secured the scene and assisted Brandon Area Rescue in lifting the female onto the stretcher. She was then transported to Porter Hospital.

A mother on Wyman Road called for assistance with her out-of-control child on Sept. 17. The mother of the child spoke to Rutland Mental Health and was given guidance by the Brandon Police Department on how to handle her situation in the future. 

Half an hour later, police were called to investigate an untimely death at a residence on Town Farm Road.  Police determined that the cause of death was due to ongoing illness and natural causes.

At the end of the week, on Sept. 18, police got a request from a female member of a local church for the police department to locate and speak to a female who attended mass at her church earlier in the day. She believed the woman was homeless and emotionally disturbed. Officers were able to locate the female, however, the woman appeared to be mentally competent and possessed money to buy food.

They got another report later in the day of a female screaming at the gazebo on the town green on Park Street. Officers arrived and determined that the female was homeless, had mental health issues, and was yelling because she was upset that she didn’t have any band-aids for injuries to her feet. The responding officers provided her with some first aid supplies and sent her on her way without further issue.

In other activity, Brand Police:

On Sept 12.

• Patrolled Center Street on foot patrol. 

• Received two reports of a juvenile problem at Otter Valley Union High/Middle School. 

• Took fingerprints for school employment.

• Received a walk-in complaint of an assault at Otter Valley Union High/Middle School.

• Conducted a property for a residence on Wheeler Road.

• Received late report of a minor accident in the parking lot of Neshobe Elementary School. Both operators exchanged insurance information with no issues.

• Conducted directed traffic enforcement on Center Street for cell phone violations. No violations were observed.

• Enforced speed on Franklin Street. No violations were observed.

• Made a motor vehicle stop on Forest Dale Road for speeding and issued a warning to the operator.

On Sept 13

• Took fingerprints for citizenship and school employment.

• Investigated an untimely death on Town Farm Road 

• Responded to a collision between a vehicle and a deer at the intersection of Grove Street and Steinberg Road. 

• Responded to a report of a male with mental health issues who was causing a disturbance at Jiffy Mart on McConnell Road. 

• Investigated a Motor Vehicle Complaint on Franklin Street. 

• Conducted a traffic patrol at Woods Market Garden near Franklin Street and Wood Lane intersection.

• Responded to a report of ongoing vandalism to mailboxes on Forest Dale Road but could not find the suspect.

On Sept 14

• Responded to a report of vandalism to a vehicle on Spellman Way.

• Received a late report of a vehicle possibly hit by a shopping cart in the Hannaford parking lot. The Incident was documented for insurance purposes.

• Conducted a welfare check on an elderly female on Franklin Street. 

• Served a subpoena to a North Street resident

• Reponded to a report of a dog shut in a parked car on Park Street. 

• Received a walk-in complaint of vandalism to a motor vehicle.

• Took fingerprints for school employment.

• Assisted EMS with a woman having a diabetic emergency at a residence on Carver Street. 

• Patrolled Woods Market Garden for suspicious activity in that area for a case under investigation.

On Sept. 15 

• Responded to a report of a loose cow in the road on Grove Street.

• Took fingerprints for a school volunteer.

• Received a repeat complaint concerning illegal dumping on Syndicate Road and Carver Street. 

• Assisted the Vermont State Police in checking an address on Grove Street in Brandon for a missing 15-year-old juvenile. The juvenile was not located at the residence.

• Responded to a report of Suspicious activity in the parking lot at Otter Valley Union High School.

• Responded to an accidental gunshot wound at the gravel pits off Blackberry Lane. 

• Received a report of a road rage incident on Northern Grove Street but could not locate the vehicle. 

On Sept 16

• Patrolled Center Street on foot.

• Served a temporary relief of abuse order on Franklin Street, including weapon seizure. 

• Assisted Royalton Police Department in serving a relief of abuse order. 

• Patrolled the area of Wood Lane and Franklin Street. 

• Enforced speed on Carver Street and issued one ticket for speeding. 

• Made motor vehicle stops on Carver Street (ticket issued for speeding), McConnell Road, and Franklin Street (warning issued for speeding and defective equipment).

• Responded to a scooter accident on Franklin Street. 

• Patrolled Franklin Street and Wood Lane. 

• Received report of vandalism at Pine Hill cemetery.

On Sept. 17

• Received false alarm report at 3279 McConnell Road. 

  • Patrolled the intersection of Franklin Street and Wood Lane. 

• Responded to a two-vehicle accident on Conant Square. There were no injuries, and both operators were able to drive their vehicles away from the accident scene with no issues.

• Responded to an out-of-control juvenile disturbance on Wyman Road. 

• Investigated an untimely death on Town Farm Road. 

• Patrolled Grove Street.

• Responded to an intoxication issue on Conant Square. The male was transported to detox in Rutland.

On Sept. 18

• Responded to a request for assistance with a juvenile problem on Barlow Avenue. 

• Enforcement traffic on Franklin Street, where one car stopped based on a defective equipment violation.

• Made a motor vehicle stop on Union Street for defective equipment and issued a ticket. 

• Made a welfare check on a female church attendee at the request of a church member. 

• Aided a female with first aid issues on Park Street. 

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