Letter to the Editor: YOUR enthusiasm could make Brandon the Swiss Roll eating capital!

As part of the Brandon Independence Day celebration, the sixth annual Swiss Roll eating competition will be held behind the Brandon Inn at noon on Saturday, July 2. All are welcome to attend and/or participate in the contest. As always, there will be no cash prizes awarded to the victor, though the honor and prestige will last a lifetime.

 A rumor has circulated within the local competitive Swiss Roll eating community that a delegation from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will attend the contest. Evidently, the IOC will consider whether Swiss Roll eating contests should become an Olympic event. Otto Graf, the Swiss leader of the delegation, would neither confirm nor deny the foregoing.

Presuming that the rumor is accurate, one of the criteria the IOC will consider is audience enthusiasm and passion during the event. For those of us who have been vigorously promoting Swiss Roll eating competitions throughout the Northeast and beyond, this is a golden opportunity to put Brandon on the Swiss Roll map, so to speak. 

Please consider this announcement to be your invitation to the competition – your enthusiasm and passion could be the decisive factor in the IOC’s decision. Wouldn’t that be something? With your support, Brandon is well-positioned to become the Swiss Roll eating competition capital of western Vermont. Or possibly, of the entire state of Vermont.        

Thank You,

 James Leary, Chairperson

Brandon Swiss Roll Eating Contest Committee

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