Pittsford readies for Route 7 construction through summer


PITTSFORD — The Pittsford selectboard met on June 1 to discuss this year’s round of Route 7 improvements. Construction began on June 6 and will tentatively continue until October 14.  Road crews will be working north of the intersection of US Route 7 and Route 3, proceeding north along Route 7 to Hawk View Road in Brandon. Traffic delays similar to previous Route 7 construction projects should be expected.

Upgrades to the road will include milling the pavement to a 1.5-inch depth, spot shimming, surface prepping, repaving, and repair and replacement of damaged guardrails to meet current standards. Shoulder berms will be removed, and some ditching work may be performed to aid drainage from the road’s surface. 

The road will also be evaluated for the installation of Centerline Rumble Strips (CLRS). CLRS will then be installed anywhere the speed exceeds 45 MPH or greater, the pavement width is 14 feet in both directions, and the traffic volume exceeds 1500 vehicles per day.

CLRS will stop at town highway intersections and anywhere that a residence is within 100 feet of the centerline and will resume 100 feet from the intersection or residence.

Additionally, the board discussed the following issues:

Cannabis control board: In a move mirroring many local towns, including Brandon, the board voted unanimously to appoint itself as the town’s Cannabis Control Board. It will function similarly as it does in overseeing the town’s Liquor Control Board. The board noted that licensing and pre-qualification deadlines were ongoing and that the deadline for anyone wishing to apply was in September, although no specific applications were discussed.

• Furnace Brook Bridge: The board expressed relief at a recent state Transportation Advisory Committee vote regarding VTrans’ construction plans for the Route 7 and Route 3 intersection in regards to repairing the Furnace Brook bridge. The board noted the town’s interests were not reflected in the current plans, particularly surrounding lane change and spur issues. The select board agreed that TAC’s decision to draft a letter in opposition to the current plans signaled support for the townspeople’s desire to limit road changes while repairing the bridge.

• West Creek Road culvert: Town Manager Brenda Fox-Howard told the board that plans for the upcoming culvert on West Creek Road were in danger of being delayed, noting that the drawings have not been sent out to bid. The reason, Fox-Howard said, was due to not having the proper permits.

• OCWICD Board vacancy: Ms. Fox-Howard brought the board’s attention to the current vacancy of one of the town’s two seats on the OCWICD board. After a brief discussion, the board decided to advertise the vacancy and that Fox-Howard would fill the seat on an interim basis until a suitable candidate could be identified.

• ARPA survey: Results from a recent survey of Pittsford’s residents regarding the utilization of ARPA funds revealed there might be a lack of understanding on the public’s part concerning the funding source. The federal government provides ARPA funds, and ARPA-funded projects do not require local funding. Ms. Fox-Howard said that she would work to develop a plan to increase the public’s awareness of the ARPA process and what projects residents might support in the survey. 

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