Proctor to hold ice fishing festival for kids, Feb. 26

PROCTOR — In an event similar to last spring’s, a special kid’s ice fishing festival will be held at Proctor’s Beaver Pond on February 26, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

If the weather forecast looks really bad and more favorable for Sunday, Feb. 27, the date will be changed to then, with the same times. If the weather or conditions are not suitable on either day, the event will not be held this winter — but the town is counting on good weather and thick ice (which is likely to be thick enough based on the past few weeks), so plan on having a fantastic festival.

Like last spring, the event will be based on fun, not competition. A lottery will be drawn at 1 p.m. to give out prizes to eligible participants, which includes only those 15 and under who have completed the entry form. The entry form will be posted on social media and the town website soon. No food or drinks will be provided during the festival.

People are encouraged to bring their own ice fishing gear, but if they don’t have any, some will be available. Parking will be on the West side only, along Beaver Pond Road. The park and the gate will remain closed. Some bait will be provided and an auger will be available to make holes.

State fishing regulations will apply and a license is required for anyone fishing who is 16 or older. 

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