RNESU welcomes 57 new employees

BRANDON — Students at Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union will meet a higher than usual number of new teachers and other school staff this school year. According to Supt. Jeanné Collins, 57 new employees will take their positions in various jobs and duties throughout the district.

“Federal COVID funds are being used to hire more academic interventionists for the next three years specifically to work with students who may have fallen behind in the past 15 months of school, as well as some coaches and other positions that will help us build a support system for students and to ensure we have the staffing we need in our nursing, guidance, paraprofessional and custodian staff as we return to in-person learning,” she said.

The new staff members, their photos by school, and their positions are as noted in the following photos:

BARSTOW MEMORIAL SCHOOL Heidi Landon, Teacher, Special Services.
Absent: Claire Bronsan, School Nurse; Kim Lake, Paraeducator.
NESHOBE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Front: Brittany Plano, L/T Sub Teacher, Music; Susan Price, Teacher, Special Services; Sheila Sicely, Paraeducator; Vicki Wells, Principal; Holly Seigle. Teacher, Kindergarten. Middle: Kelly McCarroll, Speech/Language Pathologist; Maureen Warner-Blackmer, Paraeducator; Michelle Daignault, Teacher, Prek. Back: Alisha Krans, Paraeducator; Dan Raabe, Assistant Principal; William Chapman-Hale, Teacher, Academic Interventionist/ELL; Craig Davignon, Teacher, Academic Interventionist.
Absent: Charles Connelly, Teacher, Special Services; William Cowdrey, Custodian; Sue Danforth, Paraeducator.
LOTHROP ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Front: Nicole Roy, Teacher, PE; Lori Allaire, Teacher, 6th Grade. Middle: Kristin Lucas, Teacher, Kindergarten. Back: Stacey Pearsons, Teacher, 3/4 Writing; SueEllen Thornton, Paraeductor; Samantha Masterston, Teacher, Prek; Hope Ralph, Paraeducator; Meranda Bassette, Paraeducator.
Absent: Jennifer Westebbe, Paraeducator; Calli Bushee, Paraeducator; Laurie Hemple, Paraeducator/Lunch Monitor and LEAP Program Leader.
OTTER CREEK ACADEMY Left to Right: Michael Ferraro, Custodian; Gila Kelley, Paraeducator; Eric Traska, Teacher, Grade 6; Jody Sanderson, Teacher, Academic Interventionist; Samantha Masterson, Teacher, PreK; Christine Landon, Teacher, PE; Emily Wood, L/T Sub Teacher, Grade 3.
Absent: Chad Crisp, Custodian; Nancy McGill,  L/T Sub Teacher, K.
OTTER VALLEY UNION Middle/High School Front Row: Jason Davis, Planning Room Monitor; Middle Row: Lori Hoyt, Teacher, Health; Marissa Navedo, Teacher, MS/HS Academic Interventionist; William Feldhusen, Teacher, MS Math; Stephanie Hull, Library Assistant and Media Specialist; Katarina (Nina) Bulich, Guidance Counselor. Back Row: Chris Wetzel, Guidance Counselor; Jordan Tolar, Head Custodian; David Mitchell, Long Term Sub Teacher, Science; Zacharia Eastman, Teacher, Drivers Ed; Andrew Blakely, Paraeducator.
Absent: Lydia Klotz, Custodian.
RNESU DISTRICT WIDE Front: Susan Hennessey, Technology Integration Coach; Renee Kittler, Teacher, PreK Academic Interventionist; Joanie Wisdhal, MTSS Coach; Emme O’Rourke, Speech/Language Pathologist. Back Row: Max Burnham, Technology Integration Coach; Susannah White, Equity Engagement Coach.
Absent: William Bearor, Bus Driver; Aimee Duplissis, Speech/Language Pathology Assistant; Charles Hughes, Bus Driver; James Kalb, Data Literacy Coach.
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