Brandon approves 2021-2022 tax rates


BRANDON –– The Brandon selectboard on July 6 adopted 2021-2022 tax rates that will increase property taxes for homeowners by about 2.27 percent and for owners of commercial and rental property or second homes by about 2.9 percent. 

School tax rates came in from the state on July 2. Town Clerk and Treasurer Sue Gage called the selectboard special meeting for Tuesday to approve the tax rate and send out bills by July 15, at the latest, to give Brandon taxpayers 30 days to pay before property taxes are due on Aug. 15. Taxes are paid quarterly on Aug. 15, Nov. 15, Feb. 15 and May 15.

The homestead school tax rate that applies to homeowners is increasing by 5.21 cents, or 2.267 percent, to $2.3585. This increase translates to an additional $52 in taxes per $100,000 of assessed value for taxpayers who pay on the value of their homes. About two-thirds of Vermont taxpayers pay based on their incomes and will receive prebates. 

The non-residential rate is increasing by 7.31 cents to $2.6079 or 2.906 percent. This increase will mean an additional amount of roughly $73 per $100,000 of assessed value. 

Both the total homestead and non-residential tax rates include a 97.23 cent municipal tax rate to fund town services. The town’s portion of the tax rate increased 1.38 cents or 1.44 percent. 

The residential school tax rate rose by 3.83 cents or roughly 2.84 percent to $1.3862. 

The non-residential school tax rate rose by 5.93 cents or roughly 3.76 percent to $1.6356. Non-residential property includes business property, rental property, and second homes. 

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