Town Meeting Day candidates file to run

Most seats in four towns uncontested


BRANDON – There is a three-way race for two seats on the Brandon Select Board come Town Meeting Day.

Newcomer Allison Walter has field a petition with the town clerk’s office to run for  one of two, one-year seats on the board against incumbents Seth Hopkins and Doug Bailey, the board chair and vice-chair, respectively.

Selectman Brian Coolidge is running unopposed for another three-year term.

There are no other contested races in Brandon.


Long time selectman Hank Pelkey will run unopposed for another three-year term, and incumbent Alicia Malay will run unopposed for another two-year term on the select board.

Voters will weigh a ballot item asking if they want the town to abolish the listers office and hire a full-time assessor. In the meantime, there are three listers positions to fill, but if the article passes, those offices would be null and void Jack Rogers Sr., the sole lister at the moment, has field to run for a three-year term.

Town Clerk and Treasurer Helen McKinlay will run for another three-year term in both positions.

Elizabeth Soulia has petitioned to run for library trustee.

The positions of town agent, grand juror and trustee of public funds are vacant with no one running.


In Proctor, select board members Carrie Dougherty and Judy Frazier have filed to run for two, two-year seats. Dougherty was appointed to the board last year to finish the term of Bob Protivanski, who died of cancer in May 2019, and must run to re-up for a new, two-year term.

Proctor Town Clerk and Treasurer Celia Lisananti will run for re-election to another three-year term, and Andy Maass will run for another one-year term as town and school moderator.

West Rutland

In West Rutland, there are no contested races for select board. Chet Brown will run for another three-year term, and William Kulig and Jayne Pratt will each run unopposed for a one-year seat.

Town treasurer Patricia Kulig is running for another two-year seat, and list Pat Trepanier is running for another three-year seat.

Otter Valley Unified Union School Board

On the Otter Valley Unified Union School Board, Brandon resident Mike Lufkin has filed to run for an at-large position on the board, and Angelo Oulette is running for re-election to her seat as a Leicester representative. At-large OVUU Board members Emily Nelson and Matt Philo have not filed to run for re-election, and Brandon representative Jon Rasmussen has not filed to run for election to his three-year term. Rasmussen was appointed last year to serve the remaining year of a three-year term. That leaves one at-large seat and one Brandon seat vacant on the OVUU Board.

Quarry Valley Unified Union School Board

There are no contested seats on the Quarry Valley Unified School Board. Board chair Lisa Miser and representative Sarah Gecha of Proctor are running for re-election, as is Westside representative Tom Callahan. All Quarry Valley seats are now for three-year terms.

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