Tax rates set in two towns

Proctor sees 7% hike; Pittsford’s rates held to 2.5%


PITTSFORD — The municipal tax rate in Pittsford will see a 2.5 percent increase this year, as rates will go up about a cent and a half. Municipal rates were set at $.62 and village municipal rates were set at $.66.

The state’s education property taxes were set earlier and homestead rates for this year are $1.41 with non-homestead rates being set at $1.64. These education rates are up $.01 and $.07, respectively, from last year.

Total residential taxes owed are $2.04 per $100 of home value, up three and a half cents from last year. Total non-residential rates are up almost nine cents at $2.27 per $100. At these rates, a person who owns a $200,000 home would pay $4,080 in taxes.

Proctor sets tax rates, water and sewer

PROCTOR — Proctor’s tax rate for the 2019-2020 will see a 7.6 percent increase this year. The tax rates have been raised $.08 over last year for a municipal rate of $1.12.

The state’s education rates for Proctor were set at $1.47 for residential rates and $1.59 for non-residents.

The total tax rates for Proctor residents are $2.60 per $100 of home value and $2.71 for non-residents. For homeowners with a $200,000 home, this rate comes out to $5,200 owed in taxes.

The selectboard also set the water and sewer rates for the year. Proctor does not use water meters, so everyone in the town is charged the same for water usage for the year. This year’s water rates are $525 up $35 over last year.The sewer rates also rose, due to a bond and new work that was done on Ormsby Road. Last year the sewer rate was set at $430, this year’s rates have gone up $20 for a total of $450.

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