West Rutland softball brings experience, defense


The West Rutland girls’ softball team will return eight starters and twelve all-together from last year’s team. They will look to be competitive in the upcoming season.

Laurie Serrani will take over as head coach of the softball team from her husband Carl.

“I like small ball but I think we’ll be looking for more steady base hits,” she said. “I don’t choose captains, I think they will come out naturally over the course of the season.”

Serrani said her defense is strong and they have a solid infield with plenty of depth.

“Some of those infielders will have to move to the outfield, but they should be good there, too,” she said.

Elizabeth Bailey and Kiana Grabowski will anchor the team on the mound. Serrani said both are good pitchers, but each have different strengths. Bailey, a 6’1” sophomore, can use her long frame to channel more power and velocity, while Grabowski has better control and can get more spin on the ball.

Alissa Covarrubias and Anna Cyr will also be called on to pitch and Rebecca Dekalb will be a strong presence in center field.

Serrani said they will have a strong schedule with a lot of competitive games. Proctor, as always, will be a tough game, as well as Green Mountain and Leland and Gray.

“Our pitching will be stronger this year,” Serrani said. “We’ll work on hitting and use our tight infield to our advantage.”

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