In Proctor, health forces Protivansky to resign; board spends $50K for well pump, fire gear

Selectboard member Robert Protivansky let fellow board members know he was resigning from the board due to health issues, effectively immediately. The board also voted to spend over $50,000 to replace a well pump and fire gear.

At the meeting on Monday night selectboard chair Bruce Baccei read a letter from Protivansky announcing his decision.

“I am regretfully submitting my letter of resignation as a member of the Proctor Selectboard,” Baccei read from Protivansky’s letter. “As you all know, I have been experiencing extensive health issues and until my health improves I feel I cannot put 100 percent effort into my responsibilities as a selectman. I have enjoyed my time serving on the board and this decision did not come easily. I thank every one of you for your support and friendship during this difficult time.”

Protivansky was appointed to the selectboard in October of 2017, and re-elected the following March for a two-year term. His resignation will be effective immediately and the town is now taking letter of interests from any who wish to apply. The board will consider candidates until the next meeting on April 8, where they will appoint someone to serve out the remainder of Protivansky’s term.

The board also approved spending $28,251 for new turnout gear for the fire department. Fire Chief Josh Webb said they would salvage any usable parts from the old equipment that will be given to new junior members. Regulations require the department to purchase new gear every 10 years.

Boil water notices were sent out this past Friday that stated town residents should boil any water they used for drinking between this Monday and Wednesday while the town replaced a blown well pump. The pump failed last month, but the town has a backup pump that has been able to keep up with the town’s water needs.

The new pump cost $20,000 for parts and $5,000 for labor to install.

“I thought it was a reasonable price for installation,” Baccei said.

The pump was installed on Monday and a sample of the water was taken.

“We had a clean sample today,” Town Manager Stan Wilbur said. “The regulation requires two clean samples over two days. We’ll take another sample tomorrow and fully expect a second clean sample, at which time we’ll be able to put that pump online.”

The old pump was bought in 2012 and went online in 2014; it came with a 5-year warranty, which expired in 2017.

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