Otters of the marking period

Kailey Frary

Otter Valley announced Kailey Frary as the Middle School Otter of the Marking Period.  Kailey has turned in outstanding work all semester. Her positivity and drive has helped to make her school a great place to be.  Kailey can always be counted on to bring unique insight or ask an insightful question in any classroom.

Marissa Connors

The High School Otter of the marking period for this marking period is Marissa Connors.

The high school recipient of Otter of the marking period is a student who consistently goes above and beyond in showing PRIDE expectations, as well as with academics.

Her teachers say she is always a positive influence in her classes, and her positivity is contagious.  She is always respectful and shows determination in her studies as well as in the many extra-curricular activities in which she participates.  She is honest and cares for others. This student truly demonstrates what it means to be a PRIDEFUL Otter.

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