Letter to the editor: Ethier and Fjeld Nelson are best for Brandon

After speaking to the candidates and examining their experience and values, I want to give my support to Ralph Ethier and Heather Fjeld Nelson for the 1-year Selectboard positions and to Doug Bailey for the 3-year term.

I was impressed that all three of these candidates speak about learning the facts, listening, and being open to changing their minds about issues.  A willingness to be open-minded, separate fact from fiction and think critically are fundamental to serving the whole of our community when they set policy and budget.  Heather, Ralph, and Doug have been a constant presence at meetings and will bring not only experience and knowledge of the issues/challenges, but also humility, civility, and a mindset of public service that isn’t tangled up in ego or driven by anger.

I hope everyone joins me in voting for these three to represent the interests of our whole community.

Lisa Peluso


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