Empty seats on RNESU school board have no takers


BRANDON—While the race for Brandon Selectboard heats up with the greatest number of contenders in years, the ballot for RNESU board seats remains wide open.  Seven seats on the Otter Valley and Barstow boards had yet to receive any candidate interest by the January 29 submission cutoff.

There are currently seven OVUUSD seats on the March ballot:

  • Brandon (1 year remaining of a 3-year term)
  • Brandon
  • Goshen
  • Leicester (2 years remaining of a 3-year term)
  • Pittsford
  • Whiting
  • At-Large

Natalie Steen of Brandon and Fernanda Canales of Goshen are running to retain their seats.  

A 3-year seat from Pittsford is being vacated by Brooklyn Markowski.  A 3-year seat from Whiting is being vacated by Rebecca Watters.  A 3-year at-large seat is being vacated by Greg Bernhardt.  A 3-year seat with 2 years remaining is being vacated by Jeremy Gildrien.  And a 3-year Brandon seat with one year remaining is being vacated by recent OV graduate Pajua Gamba.

None of these seats is being contested on the ballot.

It’s too late for candidates to submit their names for the ballot—interested parties will have to campaign as write-ins.  

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