Letter to the editor: Police log is harmful to innocent people accused, identified, but not guilty of crimes

In reference to the letter by Lisa Peluso, “Why I think that publishing the police log is harmful to our community,” I agree with this, especially #7.  My grandson was charged with cruelty to a child.  This happened at the end of March of this year.  It was false but the Brandon PD investigated, as was part of their job.  I am not condemning the PD but should they be allowed to print a person’s name, whether true or false?

Anyone who knows my grandson knows he couldn’t or wouldn’t harm any child, especially his own.  My grandson went to court on this issue and it was dropped.  Until all facts and findings are in, none of this should be printed.  What happened to confidentiality?  Nothing should be printed in serious situations unless a person knows and gives their permission.

Wanda Martin


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