Brandon Police Report: Investigation into threat hoax ongoing

September 18

  • Brandon Police Department (BPD) is investigating a hoax where the suspect impersonated an employee and threatened to shoot up the Hannaford Supermarket in Brandon.  The incident is considered a hoax at this time, but the matter is still under active investigation.
  • Vehicle stop on North Street for defective taillight.  Warning issued.

September 19

  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for failure to display license plates.  Warning issued.
  • Business property watch at Dunkin’ Donuts on Conant Square.
  • Vehicle stop on Park Street for driving at night without headlights on. Warning issued.
  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for speeding.  Warning issued.
  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for failure to signal turn.  Warning issued.
  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for defective equipment.  Warning issued.

September 20

  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for defective equipment.  Warning issued.
  • BPD responded to Conant Square in front of the Dunkin’ Donuts for a minor two-car, rear-end motor-vehicle crash with no reported injuries.  Minor damage to the vehicles involved.  The cause of the crash appeared to be inattention on the part of one of the drivers who did not see traffic stopped ahead in the roadway.  The responding officer aided one of the drivers in changing a damaged tire.  Both vehicles were able to leave the scene without further incident.
  • BPD received a report of vandalism to a mailbox on Cobb Hill Road.
  • Traffic stop on Grove Street for failure to maintain travel lane.  Warning issued.
  • BPD assisted an individual on High Pond Road with a reported stolen debit card.  It was determined that the card had not yet arrived in the mail and the complainant was advised to contact his bank.  No police action taken.
  • A resident of North Birch Hill Road called BPD to report that someone had broken into her house after she found the garage door open and observed someone walking around inside.  While en route to the residence, BPD was informed that the complainant had called back to say that the individual inside the house turned out to be a family member and not an intruder.
  • Vehicle stop on Grove Street for failure to maintain travel lane.  Warning issued.
  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for defective taillight. 

September 21

  • BPD responded to Neshobe Elementary School for a complaint of vandalism.
  • A citizen reported to BPD suspicious activity on his bank account.  He believed someone may have tried to use his identity to open up a line of credit. Investigation underway.
  • Officers responded to a minor motor-vehicle crash on Center Street.  Incident documented for insurance purposes.
  • Traffic stop on McConnell Road for defective equipment.  Warning issued.
  • Traffic stop on Forest Dale Road.  Warning issued.  Vehicle was towed by Thunder Towing  for defective brakes and lack of insurance.

September 22

  • BPD was notified by Vermont State Police (VSP) in New Haven of a crime that was believed to have occurred in Brandon.  Further investigation will be done to determine whether the suspected crime actually occurred in Brandon.
  • BPD received a report of a man in a tan car who was slumped over the wheel near the intersection of Arnold District Road and Grove Street.  The vehicle was not located by responding officers.
  • BPD received a report of four gunshots in the vicinity of Grove Street and Farr Way.  Upon arrival, officers were unable to determine the source of the noise, which had ceased.
  • A lost cell phone was found on Franklin Street and handed in to BPD.
  • BPD received a complain about a domestic disturbance that occurred two years ago at a residence on North Street.  Officers were unable to find probable cause that a crime had occurred.
  • Officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a residence on Mount Pleasant Drive.  A man was trying to gain entry into the residence.  Upon BPD’s arrival, both parties were separated and the man agreed to leave for the night.  No criminal charges were filed.

September 23

  • Officers responded to a residence on Steinberg Road for reports of a domestic disturbance.  Upon investigation, Chelsea Konarski, 22, was arrested for Second Degree Aggravated Domestic Assault, Violations of Conditions of Release, and Cruelty to Animals.  Konarski was processed at BPD as was subsequently lodged at Marble Valley Correctional Facility.  She was issued a citation to appear before the Rutland Superior Court-Criminal Division at 12:30 p.m. on September 25, 2023 for arraignment.
  • Directed patrol on Grove Street.  No violations noted.
  • BPD received a call concerned a dog that was attacked by two other dogs on Park Street.  Matter was referred to the Animal Control Officer.
  • An officer conducting traffic enforcement on Park Street was approached by a citizen who informed him of two people who appeared to be intoxicated in a car on the street.  The officer located the vehicle but found no one inside.
  • Officers spoke with a married couple at BPD who were having a dispute in the parking lot.  The couple was separated for the evening and the male was given a courtesy ride to a residence out of town.
  • A Visa gift card that was found on Center Street was turned in at BPD.
  • Officers were dispatched to the Junction Store and Deli on Forest Dale Road for a call concerning two suspicious men who were hanging around the parking lot after hours.  The officers located one man who was determined to have pulled over to make a phone call.  No criminal activity was noted.
  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for speeding.  Warning issued.

September 24

  • Traffic enforcement in the area of Florence Road and the Brandon line.
  • BPD responded to a report of an abandoned vehicle on Birch Hill Road.  Officers determined that the car had not been stolen and suspected that the owner had left it after a tire had gone flat.
  • Vehicle stop on Grove Street for drinking from an open container.
  • Vehicle stop on Union Street for defective equipment.  Warning issued.
  • BPD responded to a dispute between two neighbors on Triangle Circle.  The dispute involved grass clippings and the parties were advised to keep debris off of each other’s property.
  • An officer suspected that a vehicle traveling on Maple Street was being operated by a driver with a criminally suspended license.  After confirmation from Dispatch, the vehicle was stopped.  The driver was identified as Austin J. Wedge, 23, of Brandon.  A citation was issued to appear at Rutland Superior Court, Crimnal Division on 11/20/23 to answer the charge of Criminal DLS.
  • Vehicle stop at the intersection of Conant Square and Prospect Street for a red-light violation.  Ticket issued.
  • BPD received a complaint of a hit-and-run vehicle crash on Forest Dale Road.
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