Brandon Police Report: Out-of-state P.I.s not so subtle

BRANDON — In a week dominated by mostly traffic violations and fingerprinting, Brandon Police were alerted to a suspicious vehicle that had been observed in the area of Morning Doe Lane on two separate occasions. The investigating officer determined that the suspicious vehicle belonged to a private investigation company out of North Carolina that had been in the area looking for a vehicle that a finance company needed to repossess. The company was strongly advised to contact the police department in the future to avoid raising concerns with area residents observing unknown cars and individuals in their neighborhood.

The next day police were called to two separate mental health issues on Grove Street. The first involved a welfare check on a male at the residence that was having a mental health crisis. After locating the person in question, officers offered him some options to get help moving forward. The individual was cooperative but indicated that he did not want any help at this time.

In the second instance police assisted Vermont State Police and Rutland Crisis with executing a Warrant for Immediate Examination at a residence on Grove. The subject was taken into custody safely and without incident and was subsequently transported to the Rutland Regional Medical Center for further care and treatment. 

After being alerted on Jan. 13 by an employer that one of their employees came into work earlier with injuries and may have been involved in a domestic assault, officers responded to a residence on Champlain Street Upon further investigation, the investigating officers placed Brittany Dumas, 33, of Brandon under arrest for Domestic Assault. Ms. Dumas was later released on a citation to appear in the Rutland County Superior Court-Criminal Division for arraignment on Jan. 17, at 11 a.m.

In other police activity, Brandon Police:

On JAN. 9

• Responded to a report of suspicious activity on Forest Dale Road. 

• Took fingerprints for school employment and foster grandparent program.

• Stopped car on Franklin Street a cell phone violationand Forest Dale Road for speeding. Warnings issued

• Received a report of a road rage incident on Route 7 heading into Brandon. 

• Helped restore a dog found in Plymouth to its Brandon owners. 

On JAN. 10

• Responded to a report of suspicious activity on Morning Dove Lane. 

• Conducted a Ride-A-Long with a young female interested in a career in law enforcement.

• Made traffic stops on Grove Street for speeding, on Pearl Street/Conant Square for cell phone violation, and on Conant Square for defective equipment. Three tickets issued.

• Took fingerprints for a nursing license.

• Enforced speed limit on Grove Street, issued one warning and one ticket.  

• Assisted Brandon Area Rescue with a medical emergency on Church Street. 

• Investigated suspicious drone activity at Mulcahy Drive/Arnold District Road. 

• Stopped a vehicle on Arnold District Road for speeding and issued a warning. 

• Checked on an open door at Nifty Thrifty on Conant Square/Prospect Street. The building was secured and the owner was notified.

On JAN. 11

• Enforced speed limit on Grove Street

• Stopped a vehicle on Park Street for no turn signal and issued a warning. 

• Took fingerprints for nursing license.

• Responded to mental health crisis on Grove Street. 

• Assisted the Vermont State Police and Rutland Crisis with executing a Warrant for Immediate Examination at a residence on Grove Street.

On JAN. 12

• Took fingerprints done for school employment, school coaching, and nursing license.

• Assisted Addison County Sheriff’s with attempting to locate a vehicle that had been involved in a pursuit in Salisbury.

• Investigated a report of an erratic driver of Franklin Street.

• Responded to a false alarm on Grove Street.

On JAN. 13

• Investigated a possible domestic assault at a Champlain Street residence. 

• Conducted a welfare check for an individual on Carver.

On JAN. 14

• Enforced traffic laws on Conant Square, stopped two vehicles and issued one ticket. 

• Made traffic stops on Champlain Street for a stop sign violation (ticket issued), Conant Square for speeding (warning issued), and Park Street for stop sign violation (warning issued).

• Investigated a report of fraud on Franklin Street. 

• Responded to a complaint of erratic driving on Grove Street. 

• Patrolled on foot during Otter Valley basketball game. 

On JAN. 15

• Patrolled Grove Street for traffic violations 

• Investigated motor vehicle complaints on Grove Street and a similar complaint on Park Street Extension.

• Mediated a landlord/tenant dispute on Carver Street. 

• Stopped a vehicle on Park Street for a stop sign violation on Park Street and issued a warning.

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