Brandon officer and K-9 partner complete narcotics detection training


THE NOSE KNOWS: Af- ter two months of train- ing, Brandon PD Officer Aiden Alnwick and his K-9 partner, Guinness, are ready to sniff out il- legal narcotics.

BRANDON—Brandon Police Officer Aiden Alnwick and his K-9 partner, Guinness, recently graduated from the Narcotics Detection School run by the Orange County (NY) Sheriff’s Office.  Completion of the two-month program allows Ofc. Alnwick to use Guinness in searches for drugs, specifically cocaine, methamphetamines, ecstasy, heroin, and fentanyl.  

“We had a lot of fun during the class,” said Ofc. Alnwick.  “It’s a game for the dogs, almost like hide-and-seek.  When he finds an odor of one of the drugs, he alerts by exhibiting a change of behavior…usually it’s sniffing an area intensely and then sitting, and then he gets his toy.”

Ofc. Alnwick and Guinness will attend a 16-week Patrol School program at the same academy in March. This additional training will teach Alnwick and Guinness how to work together to track, recover evidence, and apprehend criminals.

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