Quarry Valley School Board Oks equity policy unanimously


RUTLAND –– The Quarry Valley School Board met on July 19 and unanimously passed a motion approving the school district’s equity policy with the caveat that a misplaced bullet point is fixed. The policy simply states that “educational equity means that each student receives the resources and educational opportunities they need to learn.”

Before this, in the public comments portion of the meeting, community member Sara Born, whose child attends Proctor Kindergarten, raised concerns that the equity policy was, she said, “teaching students to be racist.” The concern stems from a groundswell of opponents who have attempted to portray the discussion around equity policies in racial overtones, stirring a small number of residents throughout the state to speak out against such policies.

Proctor Principal Christy Coloutti, however, responded that that school policy had nothing to do with teaching racism, but rather the full accounting of voting rights throughout the nation’s political and social history. “It’s about history and it is not teaching students to be racist,” Coloutti responded.

The board passed the measure with little other discussion with the full support of the board.

Superintendent Christopher Sell confirmed that the reopening of classes this coming fall is planned to be fully in person, regardless of any news or concerns of the Delta variant of COVID. If there is an outbreak, Sell said, they would adjust the schedule accordingly.

The board also unanimously passed a few other motions, including a motion to approve the transcript format, to approve a line-by-line review of the budget, and to approve personnel contracts and resignations.

The principals’ reports revealed that the summer programing at the schools has had “great attendance” and that West Rutland is looking for a high school English teacher.

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