Sudbury passes budget at Town Meeting


SUDBURY — The Sudbury annual fiscal budget passed unanimously at its delayed Town Meeting on Saturday, June 26. The budget totaled $592,396.74, which includes $153,439 budgeted for the education fund, and $292,834 for the highway fund for regular maintenance, including sand, gravel, road salt, black top, labor and diesel.

The town committee elected officers who took the roles under no contest. Everyone except First Constable Keith Heartline was reelected. The person who had that role previously moved out of town so there was a vacancy and Heartline, who has lived in Sudbury for a while, stepped up to the plate.

Other elected officers were:

  • Moderator: Larry Rowe
  • Town Clerk and Treasurer: Stevie Sgorbati
  • Select board member: Arthur Keese
  • Lister: Skip Ableson
  • Auditor: Karen Somnerlad
  • Road Commissioner: Chuck Mulcahy
  • Second Constable: Shaun Ketchan
  • Collector of Delinquent Taxes: John Marchica
  • Grand Juror: Chuck Smid
  • Planning Commission: Janet Weaver and Stevie Sgorbati
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