Brandon board reinstates some penalties, not all


The Brandon Selectboard unanimously passed a motion to halt the penalty for filing a late homestead declaration at their regular meeting Monday.

The vote was one of five unanimous votes made by the Selectboard Monday: other items passed were the decision to reinstate delinquency on tax and sewer accounts, the acceptance of the Brandon Energy Committee mission statement and ongoing tasks, the appointment of Jack Schneider to the Development Review Board and a warrant for $91,168.68, to be paid to Brandon Lumber.

 Selectmen also received an agenda item on the financial management questionnaire. Town Clerk and Treasurer Sue Gage spoke to the importance of the questionnaire, which asks if Selectmen have financial training.

Gage said the question mostly refers to Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) selectboard financial training.

Selectmen noted that the questionnaire is more pressing in towns that don’t have a town manager and where the selectboard is more involved with invoicing and other administrative economic functions.

The decision to revoke the penalties affiliated with late homestead declaration was made with information presented by Gage.

Gage told Selectmen that the penalties for filing a late homestead declaration affected only a small number of people and that the penalties didn’t produce much income for the Town of Brandon.

Gage said too that she doesn’t believe the penalties have a deterrent effect and that it negatively affects those who miss the deadline to file as a homestead.

The reinstatement of delinquency on tax and sewer accounts comes at the same time as the expiration of Vermont’s State of Emergency.

Town Manager David Atherton told the Selectboard that the purchase from Brandon Lumber helped with upkeep of a deck at Kennedy Park.


The Selectboard also heard a report from the Brandon Energy Committee from selectman Tim Guiles, who had drafted a mission statement for the Energy Committee that the four members adopted.

The mission statement reads: “The Brandon Energy Committee’s mission it to help the town of Brandon to do its’ part to achieve these Vermont energy goals.”

The committee has three tasks which are to gather accurate data to track thermal, transportation and electric energy use; organize community outreach activities to inform town residents about the many ways to save energy; and to make suggestions to the selectboard about how to help reduce the town’s carbon footprint.

 The commission is also looking for a fifth  committee member. Those interested in the position should submit a letter of interest to Atherton.

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