Neshobe PTO looking for help in building new playground


For the past two years, the Neshobe PTO has worked to raise money to replace the wooden playground equipment at the Neshobe School. It’s now raised $40,000 to buy the equipment, it’s here and they need community help to put it together this weekend.

“Thanks to the help of many local businesses, organizations, and community members, we finally had enough money at the end of February to order an amazing new structure for our kids to enjoy,” Neshobe PTO president Jill Doody said. “All the pieces are currently in a storage container at Neshobe, waiting for their time in the sun.”

The PTO is looking for volunteers to help with the assembly of the new playground, starting on Saturday, June 15, at 9 a.m.

“Naylor & Breen is generously donating their time to do the hard parts of the install for us (demolition, digging, and crane work),” Doody said, “but would like us to have the different components assembled beforehand.”

The PTO president added that many of the slides are in multiple pieces, and will need to be bolted together before they are added to the assembled structure. There will be some heavy lifting involved, and they ask that volunteers bring their own tools — mainly wrenches.

PTO treasurer Carrie Moll said that the old equipment had to be replaced for insurance purposes. “The old equipment was pressure-treated wood, and it could no longer be insured,” Moll said.

The PTO raised the funding through grant writing to the Brandon Trustees of Public Funds and fundraisers such as Breakfast with Santa last year. Most of the funds were personal or business donations from the community as well as large donations from Nifty Thrifty, Naylor and Breen, and New England Woodcraft.

Any questions can be directed to the PTO at

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