OV students receive over $200K in scholarships

Elinor Ross accepts the Rensselaer Medal award that includes a $100K scholarship to the school.


High school can be a stressful time for a young person and trying to build an impressive résumé to get into the college of their dreams can be challenging. Being able to pay for that school once accepted is sometimes an even more daunting task.

This past week, Otter Valley Union High School honored students for their hard work in high school and, for some, presented awards and scholarships that will help alleviate some of the financial pressure that may have been on their minds.

Among the awards for excellence and improvement presented on May 13 were five scholarships potentially amounting to more than $200,000.

• Senior Elinor Ross received the Rensselaer Medal, which has been a tradition at the school for more than 90 years. The medal is awarded to promising students who have distinguished themselves in mathematics and science.

The medal was first presented in 1916 with two purposes: to recognize the superlative academic achievement of young men and women, and to motivate students towards careers in science, engineering and technology. The medal also comes with a $100,000 scholarship over four years at Rensselaer College.

• Junior Ian Oullette was presented a $60,000 scholarship to Clarkson College over four years, which is called The Clarkson Leadership Award. The student was required to be a member of the junior class, have a GPA of 90 or better, be involved in extracurricular activities, and be a leader among their peers as well as an academic interest in either business, engineering, science or liberal arts.

This award is the highest honor at the university.

• The University of Rochester’s Fredrick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award recognized junior Livia Bernhardt for her commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues. Should she choose to attend Rochester University, she would be considered for a $40,000 scholarship over four years.

• Jocelyn Noble was recognized as the winner of the Bausch and Lomb Award. This award is given out to a member of the junior class in recognition of high achievement and rigor in science classes, as well as high PSAT and SAT scores in math. This award is now in its 84th year at the University of Rochester, where the recipient will be eligible for a $10,000 per year scholarship.

• The St. Lawrence Book Award was awarded to Edward Kopp, a member of the junior class who has consistently demonstrated academic success while establishing himself as an integral and committed member of the community. The award is twofold with the presentation of the book, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, and also comes with a $4,000 scholarship to St. Lawrence University over four years. Many other students received awards for their dedication to their studies in many different subjects.


Guest Speaker: Brian Kamuda




The Sapiens Award                                        Jim Avery

Lita Drake, Heather Wood, Angus Doaner, Keisha Young, Zachary Willis

Clarkson Leadership Award                           Jim Avery

Ian Ouellette

OV School Board Representatives                         Jim Avery 

Livia Bernhardt, Ian Ouellette, Alexander Lamoureux

Governor’s Institutes                              Jim Avery

Tamar Foster

Teacher of the Year                                                    Jim Avery

John Olson

Legion Aux. Unit 55 Girls State                                   Jean Lamarre            

Carolynn Lafountaine, Phoebe Elliott

OV Activities Assoc.                                       Isabelle Kingsley/Victoria Falco

Nathanial Hudson, Brenna McCullough, Spencer Pelkey, Lauryl Blanchard, Bonnie Moore, Cole Letourneau, Alexandria Griffin, Evan Thomas

Pittsford Fire Dept.                             Jason Davis & Darren Laughlin

Grant Blow, Patrick Boyton, Tyler Boynton

OVTA Citizenship Award                                           Marielle Blais

William Mattsson

Community Service Recognition                                Meredith McCartney

Kelsey Sunhawk, Rachel Kemp, Malory Lufkin, Jessica Malbon, Kassidy Carvey, Caleb Chisamore, Haley Curtis, Emma Falquero, Greg Dipietro, Jayden Everett, Liam Murphy, Ken Backus, Damian LaRoche, Keith Sinclair, Maddie Morgan, Madison Gilmore, Keisha Young, Anthony Rovi

St. Lawrence University Book Award                            Meredith McCartney

Edward Kopp

St Anselm Book Award                                                Meredith McCartney

Phoebe Elliott

Wellesley College Book Award                           Meredith McCartney

Livia Bernhardt

Yale Book Award                                                          Barbara Sicot

Elinor Ross

St. Michael’s College Book Awards                     Lori Robear

Lauryl Blanchard, Aiden Purcell                                            

Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership                        Lori Robear

Madeleine O’Connell, Mia Politano

Suffolk Book Award                                   Lori Robear

Leah Pinkowski

Harvard Book Prize                                          Lori Robear

Jordan Lemieux


ENGLISH                                                                           Hollie Kretzer

New England Young Writers Conference          

Elinor Ross, Carolyn LaFountaine, Jocelyn Noble, Haleigh Pelkey, Madilyn Morgan       

The Student Sage Award  

Carolynn Lafountaine

Brandon/Pittsford Lions Club Speak Out Contest

Hayden Gallo

4-Year English Dept. Award

Josh Beayon

MATHEMATICS                                           Anthony Peduto

 Society of Women Engineers               

Elinor Ross, Livia Bernhardt, Carolynn Lafountaine

Rensselaer Medal

 Elinor Ross

 4-Year Dept. Mathematics Award

 Hayden Gallo

Moosalamoo                                                      Josh Hardt

Jacob O’Connell, Samuel Martin, Collin Blier

Practical Skills                                            John Cioffredi

RIT Computing Medal Award

Ian Ouellette        

SCIENCE                                                  Larry Marzec-Gerrior

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award

Jocelyn Noble

4-Year Science Department Award

Hayden Gallo

SOCIAL STUDIES                                               Jeff Jeskie

University of Rochester Frederick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award in Humanities

Livia Bernhardt

4-Year Social Studies Department Award

Joshua Beayon                

Visual & PERFORMING ARTS:                             Barbara Sicot

Music                                                                        Pat Roberts

District Symphonic Band

Evelyn Bart, Meghan Chaney, Nathan Depatie, Olivia Depatie, Keenan Hogan, Hayden Hull, Gunnar Tinsman

District Chorus

Phoebe Elliott, Keenan Hogan, Hayden Hull, Matthew Moseley, Sydney Singh

District Jazz Ensemble

Olivia Depatie

All State Band

Evelyn Bart, Meghan Chaney, Nathan Depatie, Olivia Depatie

All State Chorus

Phoebe Elliott, Hayden Hull, Gunnar Tinsman

All New England Band

Nathan Depatie, Olivia Depatie

All Eastern Chorus

Phoebe Elliott

Berklee College of Music Jazz Festival Judges Choice Award

Evelyn Bart, Madeline Fuller

Department Four Year Award

Nahan Depatie

Director’s Award

Emily Doty

Tad Merrick Band Award

Nathan Depatie, Ian Oullette, Aiden Purcell, Ella Chaney, Meghan Chaney, Isaiah Nelson

Patrick Gilmore Band Award

Ashlynn Depatie

National Choral Award

Phoebe Elliott

Woody Herman Jazz Award

Madeline Fuller

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award

Evelyn Bart

John Philip Sousa Band Award

Hayden Hull

Angela Ovecka Leadership Award

Jocelyn Noble

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