Creek Road changes spur resident concerns


Town Highway #57, also known as Creek Road, is a Class 4 road that splits off of Pearl Street in Brandon. At the Selectboard meeting on Feb. 25, Paul Stone asked the town to decommission the road.

The town began the process to decommission Creek Road in 1990, but for some reason that no one seems to recall, they never finished the proceedings and the town still owns the road. Now, to decommission the road, they must go through the whole process again.

Stone is going through a Conservation Program with the Natural Resources Conservation Services, which would be made much easier if the town decommissioned the road.

At the meeting, Stone provided a letter of support from Paul Quesnel, who owns the land near the Long Swamp Road that continues to Stone’s land. Selectboard chair Seth Hopkins said that since the process began several weeks ago, more information has become available.

“I think the process is working as it was designed,” Hopkins said. “I think decommissioning that road would effect more people than just the two that were mentioned. There are also some horseback riders that use that road as a trail so it’s something the board will consider.”

Hopkins said he would be surprised if the town gave up the road, and said they would also look into the possibility of making it a public trail. The board will conduct a site visit on April 8, at 6 p.m. followed by a public hearing about the road at 6:30 p.m. at the Brandon Town Hall.

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