Kathy Bertrand Retires after 30 years at the Brandon Post Office



BRANDON—Kathy Bertrand, Sudbury native, retired on Friday, May 31st from the Brandon Post Office, where she has worked for 30 years. Starting as a substitute in 1995, she finished as the regular carrier on the Birch Hill route. Many readers may remember her from the 15 years she worked at the Grand Union grocery store. When asked what she plans to do in her retirement, she replied, “Anything I want to do! I’m going to be a free spirit!” Postmaster Patty Brown said Kathy rarely missed a day and that her customers will miss her. Brown only remembered Bertrand getting mad once: “She was on vacation and I threw away a pile of junky rubber bands that she was saving. Boy, was she mad at me when she returned and found them missing.” Bertrand was one of 12 women and four men who staff the post office. Her coworkers surprised her with balloons and flowers to celebrate.

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