State Senate candidate: Bridgette Remington

Bridgette Remington

Democrat Bridgette Remington is an attorney in Rutland City who graduated from UVM and later Vermont Law School. She has served as Town Auditor, Rutland Planning Commission member, a judicial intern at the Vermont Supreme Court, and a Hearing Officer for the Vermont Public Utility Commission. 

“My experience volunteering in Vermont communities extends from youth 4H to everything from serving as a Senator at UVM to spending eight seasons as a volunteer snowboard instructor for VT Adaptive to serving on a Town Energy committee and in flood recovery efforts after Hurricane Irene,” she says, adding, “I am ready to put my experience in business, non-profits, and government to work for Rutland County.”

Prop 5/Article 22 

“I support Prop 5.” 

Mental-health services

“My husband has worked in mental health for more than 20 years, and we know that access to mental health treatment is essential for Vermonters’ lives. Mental health services can be expanded in the following ways: Increased capacity for mental health/behavioral health services in primary care practices, increased access to telehealth for counseling, and mobile crisis services to meet people where they are. 

“The new 988 crisis line is now active and is a resource for people who want to talk or text with someone for anonymous support in the moment. More mental and emotional support services and staff in school settings is another great way to work proactively to support students and their families, which can help avoid more serious issues through time.” 

Workforce development

“I would work to quickly incentivize instruction and training and reduce barriers to obtaining such instruction and training (housing and childcare are essential).  Support and expand training programs and workforce development opportunities that are responsive to our regional needs at CCV, Castleton, Stafford Tech, BROC, The MINT, and Smokey House, that focus on preparing students and community members for careers in the trades, health care, public safety, cosmetology, and human services.”

“Allow creative and efficient solutions to address staffing needs as supported by professionals in the field.  For example, veterinarians are facing almost impossible staffing shortages, and our community’s needs might be addressed by expanding the ability of midlevel veterinarian professionals to provide care that is now restricted just to licensed veterinarians allowing our vets to take a Saturday off or pick their kids up from school.” 


“Our communities are stronger when we address injustices, whether systemic racism or socio-economic barriers to job advancements and education.  We need to work together to build on our strengths and open our hearts to support and encourage new Vermonters that are eager to contribute and work hard.”

Public Education

“I support teachers and our schools 100%.  As a parent of an elementary-aged student.  I want to ensure that we are supporting teachers and educational professionals.  My parents were not only both public school teachers in Rutland County but served in leadership roles as negotiators and representatives, ensuring that Vermont’s educators’ issues were heard.  

“I intend to carry on their work by supporting educators as they strive to deal with increasing demands from our communities and from regulators.  We need to ensure that our teachers’ needs are met so they can provide our students with the high-quality education our County and state are known for. 

“I am concerned about a statewide push to change school choice in tuition towns like Rutland Town, Hubbardton, Danby, etc.   As a resident of a tuition town, I know how important it is for some of our towns to maintain the more than 125-year-old commitment to allow students to attend independent approved schools such as Burr and Burton and Long Trail.  Those independent approved schools are essential to our communities. 

“I speak with teachers almost every day about the challenges they face.  I will always support them and help find ways to bring their voices to Montpelier and find solutions to make our schools stronger.  

“As we know, teachers are the bedrock of any community.  They teach our children how to read, how to respect each other, how to have civil discourse, and how to be part of a community.  They teach them our shared history, and with the help of all of you, they will support the elder and next generations of Vermonters.” 

Gun control

“I support traditional Vermont gun ownership and also want to address suicide risks and gun violence. I think there are ways to do both by focusing on individual responsibility, community supports, and gun safety measures. 

“Over the past couple months, I have spoken with Vermonters that are teachers, public safety officers, gun owners, mental health workers, and gun retailers who think it will be important to discuss suicide risks and gun violence through targeted restrictions related to age, assault weapons, background checks, and waiting periods.” 

Business development

“We need to continue to reduce Vermonter’s tax burden while increasing our ability to generate income by expanding tax incentives to secure our continued economic revitalization and development and encourage entrepreneurship.  

“We also must address staffing shortages in key sectors, such as childcare, medical professions, and the trades, by incentivizing training and education.  We also have to immediately address the housing crisis.  

“Our businesses need to be able to hire people, but those people must have somewhere to live and someone to care for their children.  I support the addition of ancillary dwelling units, revitalization of existing housing stock, concentrated community living solutions, and incentivizing market-rate housing development through new construction and reuse of existing alternative facilities. Supporting and expanding programs through existing housing organizations, including VHFA, VHCB, Planning Commissions, etc. 

“This is an all-hands-on-deck issue; we need to ensure current Vermonters and aspiring Vermonters have an opportunity to live, work, and thrive in our state at different economic levels.”


“I support local agriculture.  My Dad taught in West Rutland, which has seen a tremendous loss in farm families.  Our whole county is experiencing this loss.  I want to encourage and support our local agriculture.  

“It is as important to our shared heritage as it is for the health of our communities and our future generations.  The importance of our local agriculture was never more obvious than during COVID when our access to safe, affordable, nutritious local food was amazing.”  

Immigration to Vermont

“I support immigration to Vermont, and I know we need people to move here to fill positions in sectors facing significant staffing shortages, such as in factories, the trades, nursing, childcare, and education.  

“It is worth repeating that I want to support and expand training programs and workforce development opportunities that are responsive to our regional needs at CCV, Castleton, Stafford Tech, BROC, The MINT, and Smokey House, that focus on preparing students and community members for careers in the trades, health care, public safety, cosmetology, and human services.  

“This needs to extend to potential new Vermonters quickly.  Our economy is depending on addressing these employment shortages.” 

Police Reform

“We need to support our public safety professionals and continue to encourage innovative ways to address our communities’ needs, such as Project Vision in Rutland.  

“We need to promote robust anti-bias training and education and address regulations and policies that disproportionately impact certain racial minorities within our government agencies, educational system, the criminal justice system, and communities. 

“We also must increase funding and supports for mental health, substance abuse, and rehabilitation treatment services. I support funding embedded mental health workers in emergency and police response teams.”   

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