Pittsford selectboard hears new ARPA funding requests


PITTSFORD —  The Pittsford selectboard convened on Oct. 19 to cover a wide variety of topics, including the ongoing research into potential uses of its nearly in $900,000 American Rescue Act Plan (ARPA) funds. 

In particular, the board heard new presentations from representatives of the Pittsford Historical Society and the Maclure Library as part of the ongoing process to compile a list of requests and prioritize potential usage of the funds.

Anne Pelkey was on hand representing the Pittsford Historical Society in their total request of an estimated $21,500 to go towards a new paint job, replacement of the emergency stairs, and replacement of the existing storage shed. The paint was estimated at $20,000 (versus the $7,750 cost for painting back in 2012), the stairs were estimated at $500.00, and the shed at $1,000.00 

As the board is still in the research phase, no decision was made positively or negatively. Board chair Alicia Malay stated that the board would consider the request as they continued working on a bullet priority list for the expenditure of the total funds.  

The board also heard from Judi Tompkins on behalf of the Maclure Library in their ARPA fund request.  Ms. Tompkins presented a handout to the members, explaining the library’s need to fix several items, including the need to repair the slate roof, as it has been leaking for the better part of 50 years.  

According to Tompkins, The Vermont Roofers have recommended removing the slate to assess the damage, make any necessary repairs, and install a water barrier before replacing the slate at an estimated cost of $50,000.  Library board chair Steve Bilcher also stated that the recent repairs to the Reading Room had experienced damages from the water leaks.  

Among the additional repairs, Pelkly mentioned a proposed window project for which five-of-six matching grants have been received.  The window project would replace the remaining storm windows at the back of the building that did not get replaced as part of this summer’s window project. 

The library’s parking was also said to need resurfacing, and a section of curb could be removed for ease of maneuverability; a potential new handrail may need to be installed as the current handrail needs repair—a welder has been contacted, and the Library hopes that it can be repaired rather than replaced. The library’s front door was also said to need restoration.  The total request for ARPA funding was $100,000.  

Additionally, the Library also mentioned its desire to see an increase to its annual allocation by $20,000 to help them cover the costs of services offered at the library, including a Community Center, which is available for meetings and programming; book lending; an OV bus stop for students to utilize services; disaster shelter space for area residents, such as those in Village Manor; as well as the recent hiring of a new Children’s Services Librarian.

 In other business, the board:

  • Discussed its Coin Drop Policy and although no formal changes were adopted, the board discussed changing the date to October 1 instead of its current stated end date of Indigenous People’s weekend,. and it was also proposed that the applicable dates run from May 1 to October 15 with a maximum of five dates per year.  Liability issues were also discussed, as the town does not currently supply traffic vests.  Benefitting organizations would need to coordinate signage and safety with the Fire Department.
  • Discussed a bid for carpet cleaning in the sum of $585, and it was agreed that the town offices would close at 1 p.m. on October 28 to prep the building.
  • Heard from Chad Eugair of the Highway Department an offer to sell the 1994 Ford 6640  mower and tractor to the town of Leicester for $8,000.  Selectboard member David Mills inquired if there had been any research done as to the value of the equipment, and Eugair stated that there had been research done, however, he had only found information on 2-wheel drive units as opposed to the 4-wheel drive unit the town currently owns and it was discussed that the town should seek out additional bids.
  • Heard the Town Manager’s report in which Ms. Fox-Howard detailed a recent episode involving a new OMYA truck driver who was terminated by his employer and heavily ticketed by the town after a series of driving mishaps tied up Pittsford emergency services for around eight hours. According to Fox-Howard, the driver first became stuck under the railroad tracks at the trestle of West Creek Road (requiring state and railroad engineers to assist) and later “ripped some wires off the GMP poles at the Mobil station” before dropping his load and becoming stuck across Route 3. Not to be outdone, the driver then went off the road and onto the curbing near the Sunoco station on his way out of town.
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