Otters of the marking period

Otter Valley is proud to announce Lena Flanders as our Middle School Otter of the marking period.

Lena brings a positive attitude and a smile with her each day. She is motivated and a self starter. Lena takes the lead in class and she helps her classmates without being asked. She shows curiosity and puts 100% effort into everything that she does. Lena is an exceptional 7th grade student. 

Otter Valley is proud to announce Colby Smith as our High School Otter of the Marking Period.

Colby has demonstrated determination and perseverance in everything he does. He has gone above and beyond as a teaching assistant and has used his knowledge of local history to help create lessons with the teacher for the Vermont Heritage class.  This includes bringing in artifacts and speaking in front of his peers to share his knowledge of Vermont history.  Colby’s willingness to go above and beyond makes him worthy of being the Otter of the marking period.

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