Agreement set between developer and residents in Pittsford


PITTSFORD — An agreement between Pittsford BTS Retails LLC and a group of Pittsford residents was approved by a 4-0 vote, with one abstention, by the selectboard at last Wednesday’s meeting. The residents appealed a zoning permit in July for what was slated to be a Dollar General store.

“The major things were changed to the building — trim boards, number of windows,” Gary Kupferer, town counsel said. “But the most significant thing is the building was shifted to save two huge trees.”

Dave Cooper, counsel for the landowners, said it was clear in the agreement that they would try to save the two large trees on the property.

“There is no guarantees that both will be saved,“ Cooper said, but “the building is being moved far enough away that it’s possible they will be saved.”

The town initially required in the permit a flashing crosswalk. Originally the developer would have had to put in the crosswalk and maintain it, but in the new agreement once the developers put it in, the town will maintain it.

Kupferer said they tweaked the designs for parking lots as well, and zoning administrator Jeffrey Biasuzzi says the building does comply with Pittsford zoning regulations.

Kupferer said the residents who filed the appeal still have to look it over and approve, but they do not anticipate any major revisions.

Selectboard member Alicia Malay abstained from voting because she was one of the appellants.

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