Brandon Police Log: Children keep BPD busy

September 4

  • Officers responded to complaint of an erratic vehicle on Grove Street whose driver was also throwing cans out the window.  The vehicle was located by the responding officers.
  • Brandon Police Department (BPD) responded to Town Farm Road for a complaint of trespassing.  The person of interest was removed from the property and transported to Rutland Regional Medical Center for treatment for intoxication.
  • BPD assisted Rutland Mental Health in conducting a welfare check on a male residing on Stanton Road.  Contact was made with the man, who was determined to be safe and sound.
  • Police responded to Forest Dale Road to assist a motorist who had run out of gas on the roadway.  Gas was obtained for the driver, who was then able to get back on the road.
  • Police conducted a traffic stop for a violation on Center Street. A warning was issued.
  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for failure to display license plates.  Warning issued.

September 5

  • An employer on Forest Dale Road called BPD looking for guidance regarding an employee who had received death threats from someone in Virginia.
  • Property watch for private residence on Church Street.
  • Officers responded to Stone Mill Dam Road for reports of a man lying in the roadway covered in blood.  The man was located and found to be heavily intoxicated.  He had fallen and injured himself.  He was transported to the hospital.
  • Report of an intoxicated man walking on Prospect Street.  Officers were unable to locate the individual.
  • Vehicle stop on Park Street for defective taillight.  Warning issued.
  • Police conducted a welfare check on Mulcahy Drive.  The individual was determined to be safe and sound.
  • Vehicle stop on Forest Dale Road for failure to display license plates.  Warning issued.

September 6

  • Police responded to Grove Street for a domestic disturbance.  No physical altercation was found to have occurred and the parties separated for the night.  Officers departed the premises without incident.
  • Property watch for a private residence on Richmond Road.
  • A silent hold-up alarm was activated at the Jiffy Mart on Grove Street.  Activation was determined to be accidental.
  • Officers responded to a report of a juvenile who had run away from Otter Valley Union High School on Franklin Street.  The juvenile was located by officers and school employees on the side of Route 7 and was returned to school without further incident.
  • Vehicle stop at the intersection of Conant Square and Prospect Street for a vehicle operating without displayed registration.  Warning issued.
  • Officer responded to disable motorcycle on Park Street.  The motorcycle was able to be restarted and the operator was able to leave the scene.
  • Property watch at private residence on Wheeler Road.
  • BPD responded to the Jiffy Mart on McConnell Road for a report of an unresponsive man in a parked vehicle.  The man was located and a K-9 search of the vehicle altered officers to the presence of drugs.  The man consented to a search of the vehicle and evidence of illegal drug activity was detected.  The incident is under further investigation and criminal charges will likely be brought at a later date.
  • BPD responded to a report of trespass on Mulcahy Drive.  Officers located the man in question and advised him that he would be arrested for trespass if he were to return to the premises.  The man left without further incident.
  • Traffic stop on Park Street for stop-sign violation.  Warning issued.
  • Traffic stop on Franklin Street.  Warning issued.
  • Traffic stop on Center Street.  Warning issued.
  • Directed patrol of Route 7 in Brandon.  No violations observed.

September 7

  • BPD responded to a residence on Barlow Avenue for a report of domestic disturbance between a man and a woman.  Upon further investigation, officers arrested Christopher Shores, 29, of Brandon for Domestic Assault, Domestic Assault in the Presence of a Minor, and Unlawful Restraint-2nd Degree.  Mr. Shores was issued a citation to appear at the Rutland County Superior Court-Criminal Division on 9/7/23 at 1 pm for arraignment.
  • Officers responded to Neshobe School for a report of a runaway juvenile.  The child was located by officers and staff and returned to school.
  • Vehicle stop on Franklin Street for defective equipment.  Warning issued.
  • BPD performed a welfare check at a residence on Grove Street.  The individual was found to be in good health and not in need of assistance.
  • BPD assisted the Vermont Department of Children and Families (DCF) in removing some children from a home on Grove Street per a court order.  The children were safely removed and turned over to DCF custody.
  • A report was made of a damaged mailbox and other property on Park Street.  Investigation ongoing.
  • Officers responded to a 911 hang-up call on North Street.  The call was determined not to be an emergency.
  • Officers took a report of a stolen iPhone and wallet at the Hannaford Supermarket.

September 8

  • BPD responded to a burglary alarm at Union Street Grocery on Union Street.  The alarm was found to be false and the building was deemed secure.
  • BPD responded to an alarm at a residence on Carver Street.  The alarm was found to have been triggered by a realtor.
  • A resident of Rydon Acres sought assistance from BPD with a neighbor’s dog that continually harassed her own dog through the fence.  The matter has been ongoing and the Brandon Animal Control Officer was contacted for assistance.  No police response was necessary.
  • A concerned citizen requested a welfare check on a man who appeared to be intoxicated sitting near a business on Conant Square.  The man was located and not found to be intoxicated.  He left the premises without further incident.
  • Speed enforcement on Park Street.
  • BPD conducted quarterly Sex Offender Registry compliance checks.
  • While on patrol, officers observed a child in diapers climbing a fence near a busy intersection on Conant Square.  The issued was addressed with the child’s parents.
  • A family member requested a welfare check on her granddaughter and great-granddaughter at a residence on Conant Square.  Neither was located in Brandon and an additional welfare check with an outside police agency was requested by the family.

September 9

  • Officers on patrol attended the Brandon Fire Department’s Cornhole Tournament at Estabrook Park.
  • Single-vehicle accident on Champlain Street in which the car landed on its side.  Crash was determined to be due to driver overcorrection and excessive speed.  There were no injuries and car was towed from scene.
  • BPD responded to Walgreens Pharmacy for a report of a woman having a mental-health crisis.  The woman was located and later transported to the hospital without incident for treatment.
  • Officers received a walk-in complaint about an accident that had occurred at the Jiffy Mart on Grove Street.  Officers subsequently aided in the exchange of insurance information between the parties.
  • A “BOL” (“Be On Lookout”) was issued for a vehicle involved in a chase with Rutland County Sheriff’s Dept on Route 7.  Brandon Police were unable to locate the vehicle.
  • Vehicle stop on Park Street for failure to signal turn.  Warning issued.
  • Officers responded to Pearl Street for a report of adults arguing and someone yelling for help.  After interviewing the adults and juveniles at the scene, everyone was found to be ok and officers departed.

September 10

  • An online scam was reported to BPD.  The scammer claimed to have nude photographs of a resident of Brandon and requested money through an iTunes gift card in exchange for not disseminating them.  Police remind the public that you should never allow strangers to access your social media accounts.
  • Officers responded to a residence on Mount Pleasant Drive for a juvenile stating that he had been struck by his foster parent.  Upon further investigation, it was determined that the juvenile had not been struck.  The juvenile was subsequently issued a diversion ticket for smoking marijuana and possessing marijuana products.
  • Traffic stop on Franklin Street for a moving violation.  Warning issued.
  • Welfare check on a young man at a residence on Fox Road.  Both the man and his family indicated that he was fine.
  • Directed patrol on Park Street.
  • Directed speed enforcement on Franklin Street in the area of Otter Valley Union High School.
  • BPD responded to a residence on Mount Pleasant Drive for a report of a juvenile that had been setting fires in the home and needed to be removed.  The juvenile, who was already in DCF custody, was transported to the Brandon Police Station, where he damaged municipal property, including walls and the heating system. The juvenile was subsequently returned to DCF custody and transported to Rutland Regional Medical Center for evaluation. Criminal charges will be sought at a later date for arson, criminal mischief, and assault on a law enforcement officer.  Because of the age of the juvenile, his name will not be released.
  • A caller to BPD sought guidance on retrieving his possessions from a property he had rented.
  • BPD received a report of three men standing in the bed of a pickup truck near Champlain Street and Hollow Road, one of them holding a gun.  Caller advised that the men were laughing and appeared suspicious.  An officer made contact with the men and determined that they had been hunting and possessed valid hunting permits.  No wrongdoing was observed and the officer departed the scene without incident.
  • Resident of Mulcahy Drive called BPD to report that she believed someone had entered her residence while she was out at the store.
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