Brandon Police Report: Gasoline is not an FDA-approved bong cleaner

August 14

  • Vehicle reported hit in the parking lot of Hannaford, some time after the fact.  Case number generated for insurance report.
  • A resident of Union Street reported that his neighbor had set off fireworks the previous week and that the debris had fallen on his roof but did not cause any damage.  The complainant was advised that if any damage had occurred, it would not have been a criminal matter but a civil one instead.  He was also advised to contact the police if the neighbor set off fireworks again to determine whether the proper permits had been obtained and whether enforcement action need be taken.
  • Officers responded to the area of River Street regarding a property dispute between two neighbors.  The subjects were advised that the property dispute was a civil matter and that they should hire a surveyor to determine the exact boundaries of their properties.  The parties were also told to avoid any further contact with one another to avoid any further issues.
  • Brandon Police Department (BPD) responded to the intersection of Newton Road and Town Farm Road for a report of a two-vehicle collision involving a car and an ATV, which left the scene of the accident.  The investigating officers quickly located the driver of the ATV nearby at his residence. Michael Laporte, 62, of Brandon was issued a citation for leaving the scene of an accident.  Mr. Laporte was cited to appear in the Rutland County Superior Court-Criminal Division on September 25, 2023, at 10 am for arraignment on the aforementioned charge.
  • Officers conducted a welfare check on a juvenile living on Furnace Road, at the request of a family member.  The young girl was located and determined to be safe and sound.

August 15

  • BPD responded to a domestic disturbance at an apartment in Conant Square.  A male left the apartment prior to the arrival of the officers.  The female complainant was advised of her options and was offered services.  At that time, it was determined that no crime had been committed between the two parties.
  • A vehicle crossed over the center line on Champlain Street and nearly struck an officer in a head-on collision.  The officer avoided the collision and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle.  The operator was found to be an elderly driver.  The operator was picked up from the scene by a family member and issued a ticket. A request for retesting was filed with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles for the operator.
  • An employee at the Jiffy Mart on Grove Street called to report that there was a possibly intoxicated male inside the store who had almost fallen over.  The responding officer determined that the man was simply not feeling well.  A ride was arranged to bring the man home.
  • Directed speed enforcement was conducted on Union Street.  Two vehicles were stopped for speeding.
  • BPD responded to a report of domestic disturbance at an apartment on Conant Square.  BPD had been dispatched the residence on two prior occasions in less than 24 hours.  The male in the residence was subsequently served with a Temporary Relief from Abuse Order and forced to leave the apartment.  The multiple incidents are under active investigation to determine if any criminal charges are warranted.
  • BPD responded to reports of an individual following and threatening another individual on River Street.  The caller was advised of the option to apply for a no-stalking order.
  • Officers were approached in Conant Square by a concerned citizen who had said that she observed a male pull down his pants and expose himself on Grove Street in the area between the Jiffy Mart and the flower shop.  Officers were unable to locate the man.
  • BPD received a call regarding a suspicious female at the Jiffy Mart on Grove Street who was asking to purchase 50 cents in gas “to clean her bong.”  The woman then attempted to enter the store at closing time but left after finding the door locked.

August 16

  • James Dugard, 46, was issued a citation by the Rutland City Police Department for violating an abuse-prevention order that had occurred in Brandon.  Dugard was cited to appear before the Rutland Superior Court, Criminal Division, on August 17, 2023 at 12:30 pm for arraignment on the violation.
  • A Brandon resident reported a fraud/bad check incident that had occurred in the state of Florida.  The complainant was advised to contact the appropriate agency in Florida.
  • A two-vehicle crash occurred on Mill Lane, off of Center Street.  No one was injured but the crash resulted in a reportable amount of damage to both vehicles.
  • Vehicle stop for a right-on-red violation on Union Street.  Warning issued.
  • Officers assisted Brandon Area Rescue Squad (BARS) with an intoxicated male on River Street who had fallen at his residence and sustained some injuries.  The individual was subsequently transported to Porter Hospital for treatment.

August 17

  • BPD responded to the municipal parking lot behind Café Provence on Center Street for a complaint of an abandoned car that had been left there for more than a month.  Officers were unable to contact the owner and the car was towed from the premises.
  • Directed traffic enforcement conducted on Route 7.  No violations noted.

August 18

  • Officers conducted a directed speed enforcement on Union Street.  No violations noted.
  • BPD responded to an apartment on Mulcahy Drive for a 911 call reporting what sounded like a loud “pop!” in the area.  The complainant was contacted but was not cooperative.  The area was searched but nothing out of the ordinary was detected.
  • BPD responded to a residence on Fox Road for a 911 hang-up call.  It was determined that there was no emergency at the residence and that the call was the result of an issue with the land line.
  • A restraining order was served at a residence on Brookdale Street.
  • Officers conducted a motor-vehicle stop on Franklin Street for speeding. Warning issued.
  • Vehicle stop at the intersection of Franklin and Park Streets for a cell-phone violation.  Ticket issued.
  • Vehicle stop on Park Street for a turn-signal violation.  Warning issued.
  • Vehicle stop on Union Street for speeding and failure to obey a stop sign.  Two tickets issued along with two written warnings.

August 19

  • Property check at the Jiffy Mart on Grove Street.
  • Property check at the Walgreen on Union Street.
  • Vehicle stop on Union Street for expired registration.  Warning issued.
  • BPD took a report of a stolen vehicle in Leicester.  Incident forwarded to the Vermont State Police-New Haven Barracks.
  • Officers conducted foot patrol at a car show at Estabrook Park.
  • BPD was contacted by a resident of Forest Dale Road requesting assistance with their 7-year-old son who would not listen to him and was throwing a temper tantrum.  The complainant was advised that this was not a criminal matter and was given information on parenting support groups.
  • An incident of vandalism was reported inside a residence on Steinberg Road.  Case under investigation.
  • Officers conducted a traffic stop for a violation that occurred on Grove Street, resulting in the arrest of Brian Sheldon of Cornwall, VT for Driving Under the Influence.

August 20

  • BPD responded to a residence on Basin Road after a male caller reported that his girlfriend attempted to harm herself.  Upon the officer’s arrival, it was found that the woman had caused bodily injury to the man.  Elizabeth Renee Smith, 32, of Ware, Massachusetts, was arrested and charged with the offense of Domestic Assault.  Smith was cited to appear in the Rutland County Superior Court, Criminal Division on August 21, 2023, to answer the above charge.
  • While on the way back from dropping a prisoner off at the correctional center in Rutland, officers from BPD stopped to assist Rutland City Police with a burglary in which the suspect had just fled the scene.
  • BPD responded to the intersection of North Street and Middle Road for a report of a single-vehicle motorcycle crash with injuries.  It was later determined by the investigating officers that speed was a factor in the cause of the crash.
  • Directed traffic enforcement on Franklin Street.  Warning issued to operator who failed to yield to a pedestrian.
  • Police responded to a complaint of illegal burning on Mulcahy Drive.  Officers determined that the smoke was simply the result of someone grilling their dinner.
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