‘Trash-talk’ allegedly used racial slur at OV/MR game

BRANDON — RNESU Superintendent Jeanné Collins released a statement on Monday, Nov. 1 referring to an alleged incident at the OVUHS-Mill River High School football game in which players may have used racial slurs in an escalated instance of trash-talking among the players, Collins said. 

In a statement posted on the school’s website, Collins wrote; 

“On Saturday, October 30, 2021 it was reported to Otter Valley and Mill River school officials that there were allegations of racial slurs being used by athletes during a playoff football game. Athletes reported escalating “trash talk” during the game, and the allegations of racial slurs were brought to school leaders’ attention after the game was completed. 

“The Vermont Principals’ Association’s Third Party Investigative resources will be utilized immediately and an investigation will commence as quickly as possible to determine if there were any violations of school district Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying policies. 

“Both schools intend to cooperate with and fully support the investigative process in order to protect all students and student athletes. Ultimately, leaders from Otter Valley and Mill River will be working together to process and address the incident through restorative practices in an effort to bring the matter to a satisfactory resolution.”

The statement was signed by Collins, OVU Principal James Avery, OVU Athletic Director Steven Keith, as well as Supt. David Younce of MRUUSD, MRU Principal Tyler Weideman and MRS Athletic Director Kim Maniery. No further comments were offered pending further investigation of the incident.

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