Letter to the editor: Solution for all the “Phoners” driving around

Phoners, that’s the term I coined for those people that have decided it’s their God-given right to drive and phone at the same time.

I have been the near victim to these phoners five times in as many years. Lucky for me I have quick reflexes and I was paying attention.

As recently as this morning it happened again. This phoner crossed the yellow line and went right by me in my lane as I was doing some of my best stunt driving to avoid being maimed or killed.

I can only tell you the color (white) of the vehicle the phoner was driving as all of these pieces-of junk-people who are driving look alike.

Here is the question: Just who is it all you phoners are talking to all the time? What is it with you phoners and your screens in your faces?

What a weird society we have become, everybody looking down at their devices. Nothing less than strange.

Two years ago I shot my cell phone and I have been free ever since. To any phoner that wants to free themselves of this scourge, just do it. Shoot your phone and save yourself the inconvenience of a lengthy jail term for slamming someone head-on while playing with your phone. If you don’t have a gun get ahold of me and I’ll shoot it for you.

Steve Bryant

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